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At Hansen Bros. we know that packing up and house moving are not easy.  We also know that when you team up with us, we make sure that our relocation experts create a moving plan for you that eliminates as much stress as possible.

Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage strives to exceed the expectations of our clients and we take great pride in the outstanding customer testimonials we receive from our clients. Whether you are relocating locally or your house moving plans involve moving across the country, Hansen Bros. is the easy choice when looking for reliable and trustworthy moving companies.

Hansen Bros. offers free, no obligation in-home estimates. In addition, Hansen Bros offers our Total Price Guarantee program which insures that, unless you change what is going to be moved, there are no surprises or hidden costs to worry about!

We have three convenient offices to serve all of your house moving and storage needs.  We know you’ll be completely satisfied with your decision to choose Hansen Bros.  Get a free quote today!

Generally the movers were very good at getting our stuff into the house with care and little damage with a few exceptions. They couldn't figure out how to get the master bed together and after two separate attempts on two different days, a specialist was called in and solved the problem for us. However, Hanson Bros. agreed to have our original installers come in and fix the floor.

What I was most impressed with in the whole move was the helpfulness of Pat in getting our problems solved and getting us the money or personnel we needed to fix our problems. Great customer service is not just getting it right the first time, but treating mistakes or problems as opportunities to solve the problems in a way the customer feels supported. This was the case here, and it made a huge difference in my feeling about your company. Henry D., 6/28/2016

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