How to Complete a Local Move Without the Hassle

Local moves can be just as complex as interstate or cross-country relocations. You’re still on the hook to properly organize each aspect to ensure a hassle-free transition. Careful attention to detail and a clear plan of attack will help you avoid moving-day disasters, allowing you and your family to settle in to your new home.  

Tips for a Stress-Free Local Move

Any type of relocation –whether down the street or across the country – should be planned well in advance of moving day. By working out the specifics early on, you’re avoiding unwanted surprises and headaches when completing a local move. 

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  • Take the time to declutter and purge before packing. Take time to clear out dressers, drawers and trunks, getting rid of belongings that won’t make the journey to your new home. Not only does pre-move purging reduce the number of items that need to be packed, but you’ll also save on supply costs – fewer items means fewer boxes, rolls of tape and packing pellets. 
  • Determine the best route to travel with your belongings. Typically, household moves involve at least one moving truck, and your personal vehicles. Before hitting the road, take time to find the most optimal route. Keep in mind that navigating a bulky moving truck through narrow and crowded streets is tricky. And if you or a family member is following behind, you’ll want to have routes mapped out beforehand to avoid any confusion. 
  • Consider hiring professional movers to handle moving-day responsibilities. Think hiring movers is reserved for interstate or cross-country relocations? Think again. Partnering with moving experts for a local move can help you complete the transition in half the time. Professional movers can handle tasks like packing, loading and unloading the moving van, driving belongings to your new home and more. The only thing you’re responsible for is getting your family settled. 

Make Moving Simple With Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage 

For over 100 years, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has served residents in and around Seattle. No matter the size of your move, our experts are here to guide you through relocation. 

After requesting a free quote and meeting with a trusted member of the Hansen team, we work with you to determine the best moving-day approach, giving you a variety of services and capabilities to choose from:

  • Packing and Carting
  • Shipping
  • Full-Service, Temporary and Permanent Storage 

Time for your next local move? Then it’s time to choose Hansen. To get started planning your relocation, contact us today. 



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