Reviews of Movers

Examining reviews of movers can be a great way to choose a moving company. At Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, we take reviews of movers and customer testimonials very seriously, and ask every customer we serve to complete a feedback form after their move is completed.

The good news – Hansen Bros. customers consistently give us very high satisfaction ratings, with over 94% of our customers say they would recommend us to a friend.

Hansen Bros. is proud to provide this link to over 600 customer testimonials for potential customers to review. Here are just a few of the statistics we’ve collected:

  • Being on-time on moving day is critical. 96% of our customers report that we show-up on-time;
  • Hansen Bros. takes great pride in our staff. 97% of our customers report that their crew performed professionally;
  • Our salespeople are dedicated to customer service. 97% of our customers report that their salesperson was helpful and friendly.

After looking at reviews of movers like Hansen Bros., it’s easy to see that we’ll get the job done on time and on budget. For more information, complete this simple free quote form.

A GOOD JOB! Herbert Z., 2/5/2018

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