Your Guide to Moving Elderly Parents

If you're planning on moving elderly parents to a retirement or senior living facility, it’s important to approach the topic with special sensitivity. For most seniors, the idea of moving from their home to an entirely new environment is overwhelming. In addition to providing emotional support, you can help ease the transition by planning and simplifying the moving process.

How to Help Your Parents Through Their Transition

It's normal for elderly parents to have reservations about moving into a retirement or senior living facility. That's why it's important to work alongside your parents to plan and complete a stress-free move. Here’s how you can help:

Nicole was great. Gave us a lot of tips about packing/moving. Movers: All polite, Got the job done so quickly that sometimes I could not keep up. Dallas did a good job with inventory and helping determine where things were going. He adjusted when we decided to get a larger storage space. Mike did an amazing job as the lead in taking apart our furniture and putting it back together. All were patient with our chaos and respectful and very hard workers. Very honest company. We were given a refund due to an error with original bid due to software glitch. Very happy!!!! Carol Smith, 2/25/2020

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  • Sort Belongings – Most seniors have lived in their home for many years, amassing a lifetime of photographs, antiques, books, furniture, and plenty of memories along the way. Moving to a retirement community typically involves downsizing to a smaller living space. We work alongside your parents to sort through belongings, determining what they'd like to keep, sell, donate or trash.
  • Utilize Storage – There will be some items your parents won't want to get rid of, they but don't have space for it in their new home. If that's the case, locate a nearby storage facility to house these belongings. Look for a facility that is secure and climate-controlled to protect delicate, antique furniture. If your parents decide they want those items later, you'll have easy access to retrieve them.
  • Hire Professional Movers – As stressful as moving can be for your parents, the added pressure of creating a smooth transition can be overwhelming for you. If you're moving elderly parents, consider hiring a Senior Move Manager in addition to professional movers. You can opt for a full-service move, in which everything from sorting and packing to storage is taken care of. Or, simply ask movers to load and unload belongings. Look for relocation professionals who specialize in moving seniors.

Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage’s Steps to Moving Elderly Parents

At Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage and HB Move Management, we recognize that moving seniors requires special attention. We’re proud to serve as the preferred mover for retirement communities throughout the Puget Sound area. Our careful, step-by-step approach to senior relocation allows us to serve individuals in a personal, caring way:

  1. In-Home Estimate – Our relocation consultant meets in person with you to gain a deeper understanding of your wants and needs and develops a comprehensive moving plan. Together you can determine what you want to take on yourself and what you would like the professionals to handle.
  2. Scheduling – We’ll work with your retirement community to identify a moving date and make all necessary arrangements including parking, building access, elevators and other necessary logistics.
  3. Moving Day – On moving day, our trained experts will arrive at your home, pack any remaining belongings, load the moving truck, and then  carefully transport your belongings to the retirement community.  Upon arrival, the movers will unload the truck and deliver your belongings to your new retirement residence. Your dedicated Move Manager can be involved as little or as much as you'd like on moving day.
  4. Unpacking & Resettling – After all belongings have been delivered to your residence, we'll unpack boxes, reassemble furniture, put away items,  and arrange your new living space to feel like home.

With Hansen Bros., moving elderly parents is simple. To get started, contact us today.

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