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The crew was fast, efficient, and careful. I want to thank especially Corey, Antonio, Mark, Billy, and Boubacar --they did all the work in a very organized manner and except for a coffee break, they never stopped working. My house had two long stairways to the street and the crew had to move items from the attic, second floor, first floor, and basement. The crew had to go up and down all the stairways over and over again, but they never stopped or complained. From other peoples' stories, I expected the move would result in delays, confusion, losses, and damage. However, none of these problems occurred! I am grateful to the crew for a fantastic job.


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Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has operated warehouses in the Seattle area since 1890. Periodically, we conduct auctions of abandoned storage lots. We have two types of storage and two types of storage auctions.

Attending a HB Auction is a unique and fun experience - catch a glimpse here. There are often amazing deals to be had and if you would like notifications of future auctions, please use the button below.


Next Auction: August 3, 2015
2810 Lincoln Way  Lynnwood, WA 98087

This auction will feature both complete vaults and permanent storage contents. Permanent storage contents will be displayed for bidders on shrink-wrapped pallets. One price will buy the whole vault or pallet. The auction will start promptly at 6:00 pm. There will be no preview prior to the auction. Bidders will have a brief opportunity to view each pallet before the bidding begins on that pallet. Flashlights are a good idea. For more information, please call us at (206) 365-4454. 

Two Types of Storage

Our "permanent" storage, offered under our Hansen Bros. brand, is a full service option. Our professional movers pad-wrap and load the customer's belongings into large containers. We inventory the condition of each item. When this type of storage is abandoned, we auction each piece item by item unless it is part of a set.

We also offer a portable alternative to self-storage - PortaBox Storage. Under this option, we deliver a large vault to the customer's residence and they load the container. We do not know the contents of the vaults until the time of the auction when we cut the locks and open the doors so auction attendees can bid on the whole container.

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