Washington Storage Auctions

On the lookout for Washington storage auctions? Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage is a great resource!

Since 1890, Hansen Bros. has successfully served the moving and storage needs of families and businesses. Periodically, to clear abandoned lots, we hold Washington storage auctions that can translate into terrific deals for bargain-hunters.

Here are some tips to keep in mind about Washington storage auctions:

  • Hansen Bros. offers two types of auctions related to the two types of storage provided
  • Permanent storage contents will be displayed for bidders on shrink-wrapped pallets. One price will buy the whole vault or pallet.
  • There will be no preview prior to the auction.
  • Bidders will have a brief opportunity to view each pallet before the bidding begins on that pallet.
  • Flashlights are a good idea.

Attending Washington storage auctions at Hansen Bros. is an exciting experience – see an example of our live auction on Evening Magazine. For more information, please call us at (206) 365-4454 or find out the dates of our next auction(s) now!

We are over the moon with our service from Hansen Bros. Moving is so incredibly stressful, and in our case, we were undergoing a complete remodel of our house and needed to be out for 8 months and have all of our belongings stored. Hansen Bros. employees were incredibly helpful and understanding on the phone, and the guys who both moved our stuff out and then moved it back in were professional, careful, thorough, and kind. They also all maintained a great sense of humor throughout, which also made them fun to work with. Not one single item was damaged, much less broken. Thank you so much, Hansen Bros.! I will recommend you to everyone I know. It's so great to support a local business and receive such top-notch service. Kate G., 11/13/2018

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