What to Include in Your Pre-Move Planning

Pre-move planning is a necessary part of every move. As a pricey and time-intensive project, moving requires careful preparation to ensure that no details are overlooked. That means at least two months of preparation. This much lead time might seem excessive at first, but it’s important to remember everything involved with moving – including a large to-do list that goes beyond just packing. 

The 3 Important Things to Remember During Pre-Move Planning

Your pre-move checklist should include the tasks that make moving a simple, hassle-free project. By adding the following steps to your moving process, you can ensure a much easier relocation:

So, you guys were great. I don't know how to read an invoice, and so I agreed to the initial estimate weeks out. Five days before the move I saw it again, and realized I had agreed to a figure way beyond what I'd thought. Your team helped me (at the very last minute!!) figure out some ways to cut the expenses so that I could afford to move with you and on my schedule. I would use your services again in a heartbeat, and will recommend you to anyone I know who is moving. Your moving crew were also really diligent - I had a lot of plants that I expected would die on the trip, and they all arrived in nearly perfect shape (a jade plant will break if you look at it funny, so I don't count that against anyone.) Even our extremely brittle terra cotta pots made the trip without any trouble. You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you for all of your help, Nathaniel B., 10/6/2017

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  1. Clean House – A great way to cut moving costs is by purging your possessions. Not only will you save time packing, but you’ll save money, since moving less translates to lower rates. Before packing, thoroughly comb through closets, drawers and storage containers. Get rid of, donate or sell anything that you don’t need to make the journey with you. 
  2. Book Movers – It’s a good idea to book professional movers early in your pre-move planning. It’s also smart to get price quotes at least six weeks before the move. This gives you enough time to make educated decisions and book reliable, budget-friendly movers. Researching and booking movers is especially important if you are relocating during the busy moving season (May to September). You don’t want to wait until the final hour and risk not having professional help on the big day.
  3. Pack Strategically – Just because you have a month or so before moving doesn’t mean you should delay packing. Once you begin organizing and boxing items, you’ll realize it’s more demanding than expected. For this reason, begin packing non-essential items a month or so in advance. That includes items you won’t need or use during the move, like decorative items, seasonal clothing or extra sets of dishes and kitchenware. This helps you avoid last minute, panicked packing, which only results in disorganized and poorly packed items. 

Remember Hansen Bros Moving & Storage During Your Pre-Move Planning 

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