How Professional Movers Calculate Relocation Cost Estimates

The price of moving can be discouraging, and that’s why relocation cost estimates are helpful. Big projects require strict budgets, and moving is no different. Just like choosing the right moving company, receiving an accurate quote is an important step of the process. Determining how much a move costs beforehand can help you prepare your budget, and plan accordingly. 

What Moving Factors Determine Your Relocation Cost Estimate

Every moving company calculates moving quotes differently, but you can have an active role in determining a final estimate. The more precise you are in detailing which belongings need to be moved, the more accurate your quote. Movers use several factors to determine moving costs, including:

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  • Distance – For local moves up to 55 miles away, quotes are based on the estimated number of moving hours, regardless of what tasks are being completed. However, for moves traveling further than 55 miles, mileage and gas become major price factors. Simply put, the further you move, the more the price increases. Researching reliable companies clues you in as to who offers the most advantageous pricing, so you can minimize costs. 
  • Weight – To determine the truck load’s weight, mover’s fill out furniture weight estimates. The homeowner gives the number of furniture, lamps, instruments or large electronics movers can expect. Then, movers multiply the estimated weight by their rate and add it to the relocation cost estimate. Less moving weight equals lower prices, so take a look around to determine what items are definitely making the journey, and which of those you can get rid of.
  • Packing or Storage – Movers are trained in the best packing methods, so it’s often beneficial to use their expertise. If you need packing, unpacking or storage facilities, make sure movers know to include these extra services in your quote. Also, be aware that furniture assembly or disassembly comes with a price. These services generally aren’t included in baseline moving fees, so be sure to mention them when receiving a quote.  

Get an Accurate Relocation Cost Estimate from Hansen Bros Moving & Storage

Moving costs shouldn’t come as a total surprise. When you choose Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, we provide a transparent quote that includes all the services you need. We offer:

  • Packing and Unpacking – We offer full-pack, partial-pack and fragiles-only services.
  • Storage – We have temperature-controlled, security and fire-alarm equipped facilities. 
  • Shipping and Crating – We have shipping capabilities for single items, household furniture or an entire warehouse.

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