Simplify Your Move with Professional Relocation Management Solutions

Moving can be difficult without the help of professional relocation management solutions –  especially once you consider the number of tasks involved. Things like packing, storage, crating and shipping are just the tip of the iceberg. Trusted and dependable movers that can help with these tasks make moving much simpler, whether you are moving an office or an entire family home. 

How to Choose the Best Relocation Management Solutions

You’ve decided that professional moving help is necessary, so what’s next?
Now is the time to consider which moving company best fits your needs. Depending on the size and distance of your move, some companies may be a better fit than others. Here are three services the right professional movers will have available for you:

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  1. Packing and Crating Services
    Receiving professional help during any stage of the packing process guarantees your belongings are packed correctly, and keeps packing a stress-free experience. When choosing professional movers, make sure they offer packing services. This includes everything from packing up each room, to preparing fragile or bulky, heavy items for transport. It’s also beneficial to look for a provider that can crate large items for long-distance shipping. 
  2. Storage Options
    Movers should have storage solutions equipped to handle all types of cargo, from cardboard boxes to large pieces of machinery. If available, full service storage is the ideal solution. This includes warehouse staff keeping a detailed inventory of your items, in addition to wrapping and storing them in climate-controlled conditions. The storage facilities should also be conveniently located in relation to your new home.
  3. Interstate Capabilities 
    Professional relocation management solutions shouldn’t stop at state borders. Even if professionals are only handling large items you can’t move yourself, it’s still important that you are given consistent service for the duration of your move. If your move travels outside of their geographic range, reliable movers should have trusted third-party partners that can seamlessly take over. 

Hansen Bros Moving & Storage Provides Relocation Management Solutions

For over 100 years, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has offered the necessary services to make moving simple. Between our specialized packing and unpacking services, secure storage centers and our partnership with the highest performance-rated major mover, Allied Van Lines, we have the resources and solutions for your move.

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