Where to Buy Moving Boxes

Looking for where to buy moving boxes in the Seattle area? Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage can help!

Where to buy moving boxes couldn’t be simpler when you turn to Hansen Bros. We have three conveniently located warehouses in the Seattle area:

Our moving and storage experts can help you choose just the right types of boxes for your upcoming move – from small book cartons to large wardrobes. And don’t forget a supply of paper and tape!

Now you know where to buy moving boxes – Hansen Bros.! Visit one of our warehouses or call at 1-800-300-7222 to discuss your needs.

Chris and Brad are gems. Brad was always very responsive and went the extra mile for me when I needed help, which impressed the heck out of me. Chris works very hard, knows what he's doing and is very courteous and professional. I hope you pay them well, because these are the guys you want to keep around.

I would have given extraordinary across the board, but I have to say that both in my move out and move in I noticed of the 3 member crew there was always one who didn't work nearly as hard as the other 2. When you're paying by the hour you notice things like that. Chris worked his a** off both times. All in all, a good experience, though. Suzanne B., 5/13/2018

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