Employee/New Hire Relocations

Whether you are recruiting nationwide or worldwide for your business in the Northwest or transferring employees between branch locations anywhere in the country or the world, Hansen Bros. and Allied have a solution you can count on.

Never moved an employee?

There are many aspects of an employee relocation to consider. Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage will meet with you to establish a complete employee relocation policy outlining your requirements regarding what your company would like to authorize an employee to move. The policy is written in a no-obligation pricing agreement that can be used for 1 move or 1,000 moves depending on your needs. This can be customized depending on an employee’s position within the company. Services which can be customized include:

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  • Full packing of all loose items
  • Partial packing or no packing at all
  • Packing of just fragile items
  • Transportation (How much is allowed?)
  • Storage while looking for a new residence
  • Shipping auto(s)
  • Shipping motorcycles
  • Shipping boats
  • Bulky items i.e.; pianos, kayaks, canoes, recreational equipment
  • Valuation levels
  • Company paying for everything, just part or reimbursing the transferee a lump sum?

Plus many other items to consider so the company's policy and the transferee’s or new hire’s expectations are the same before the relocation begins. A clear understanding of what is allowed and expected helps ensure employee satisfaction and still maintain budgetary constraints. Moving an employee can be a stressful time for them and their family, so having everyone’s responsibilities outlined helps them plan accordingly. If it’s a new hire, it is good to have a moving policy established before the interview process so if the topic comes up, the policy is in place and it is less of a negotiable item.

Hansen Bros. can provide insight into what other businesses are providing across the country to help ensure you are staying competitive in the market. The prospective employee will be able to consider the relocation policy along with your job offer during their decision making process so there are no surprises later. Starting with a well defined plan and expectations helps them integrate into their new position easier, increasing productivity and trust with their new employer.

All of the move parameters are addressed in a pricing agreement structured exclusively for your business. The Allied Pricing agreement also automatically awards your business these additional benefits:

  • Free valuation based on the weight of the shipment
  • Preferred pickup and delivery dates
  • Guaranteed pricing levels, even in peak season
  • Direct company billing with prior credit approval
  • Expedited claim service
  • Sets and pairs coverage
  • Shipment tracking 

All of this is in a "No Obligation" Pricing Agreement. Whether or not you are planning on moving employees in the near future, a predetermined policy reduces undue stress and saves money when the time arrives. If you would like additional information, please use our convenient contact form or call us at 1-888-300-7222.

Let our team put together a comprehensive moving plan for you. Complete our simple free quote form or contact us at 1-888-300-7222.