Mass Move

Whether you are opening a new office or store, acquiring another company, closing a location, or moving your current location, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has the expertise and experience to help your organization design an effective plan and manage the necessary logistics.

Is your goal to move an entire company including offices, warehouse, plant and employees?

Leveraging our 125+ years of experience, Hansen Bros. will diligently work with your team to design and implement a plan to address each and every aspect of your move - even if there are multiple phases.  Starting the planning process early allows the opportunity to clearly define project requirements and priorities while also providing ample time to analyze all options available.  Our approach helps to ensure that your project stays on time, on budget, and minimizes costly downtime. The process involves the following:

An absolute godsend during a very stressful time. Very personalized service and not a single item damaged. Pete was an exceptional communicator and very patient and flexible. Beth led the packing crew expertly and provided very helpful suggestions. In-laws were amazed how familiar their new place felt the first time they walked in the door. We truly think it helped them have a smooth adjustment. We can't thank you enough!! Carol P., 2/24/2020

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  • Meet with the head of all departments involved
  • Determine all requirements
  • Prioritize all requirements
  • Develop plan
  • Establish time lines for each phase
  • Coordinate with building and property managers at all locations for special requirements
  • Present plan with various options and suggestions


  • Office disassemble & reassemble of office furniture, computers, panel systems
  • Reconfigure cubicles
  • Space planning
  • Packing and unpacking of loose items
  • Moving libraries of collections or technical resources
  • Disposal/Sale/Dispersal of unwanted furniture and equipment

Warehouse or Manufacturing Plant

  • Disassemble and reassemble racking systems
  • Disassembling and reassembling of all types of material handling systems
  • Palletizing or packing of any type of product or item
  • Movement and restocking of products
  • Moving and setup of manufacturing equipment
  • Breakdown and setup of production areas


Whether you are moving a single employee or every person in your organization, Hansen Bros. can assist in the development of a comprehensive employee relocation program for your company. Plans can be customized to specific departmental budgets and employee position levels within the company.  To learn more about relocating employees, please click Employee Relocation.

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