Your Month-by-Month Office Moving Checklist

When the time comes to gather your employees, pack up equipment and relocate your business, having a well-organized office moving checklist is key. Think of your office move as a bigger, more complex version of a residential move. Yes, you’re moving furniture and settling into a new space, but you’re also interrupting day-to-day business. 

Strategic planning and organization will help you – and your employees –avoid a hectic relocation, and allow you to get back to business as quickly as possible.

The Hansen Bros. Office Moving Checklist

At Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, we know efficiency is key. We’ve worked to develop the most effective techniques and systems to significantly reduce downtime, enabling you and your employees to settle in to your new office.

To help simplify office relocation, we’ve put together an office moving checklist to prepare you in the months leading up to your move: 

Six Months Before Moving: 

This was our second time using your company to move - very impressed both times! The movers were quick but also cautious with our belongings, and they did a great job of communicating with each other when carrying bigger/heavier items. We hope we don't have to move again for a very long while, but if we do, you guys are first on our list to call! Thanks for making a stressful event smooth and easy! Rebecca M., 2/26/2020

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  • Select a “move committee” – A move committee can be a few key decision makers in the office. They’re responsible for overseeing employee responsibilities like cleaning out desks, arranging furniture properly and securing files. 
  • Request a moving quote – Moving an office requires professional help. After researching and narrowing down a list of potential movers, request a detailed price estimate that includes all the services you need. Once you have this information, you can select movers that fit well within your budget.   

Three Months Before Moving:

  • Choose your moving company. Movers are booked quickly, so once you’ve made your selection, you’ll need to act fast. You’ll want to have movers locked in no later than 12 weeks before your preferred moving day. Waiting any longer might mean losing your first-choice movers, or having to switch dates. 
  • Finalize floorplans and technology changes. You can work with movers to finalize the new office floorplan, determining where furniture and equipment will go once you’ve moved in. It’s also important to call telephone and internet service providers to let them know about your upcoming move, and arrange for a technician to disconnect and reconnect computers and phones in the new office space. 

Moving Day:

  • Make sure everyone is aware of responsibilities. By moving day, employees should know exactly what they’re responsible for. Once personal items have been moved out and everyone has completed their tasks, clear the office so movers can easily pack up and move belongings and furniture. 
  • Immediately unpack and settle in. Don’t hesitate when it comes to unpacking. Once boxes have been unloaded and furniture is reinstalled, encourage employees to start organizing their desks and personal spaces. If some furniture and equipment will need professional installation, talk to your movers about helping you out. 

Interested in more tips from our office moving checklist? Check out our full business move planner to learn more about how you can streamline your office move, as well as Hansen’s office moving services.

Moving offices is about to get that much simpler. To get started and request a free quote, contact us today.    

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