Reasons You Want to Hire Professional Packers and Movers

People often hesitate at the idea of hiring professional packers and movers. Moving is typically approached as a do-it-yourself task, leaving you responsible for everything from packing to driving the moving truck. However, there is a lot more that goes into a successful, hassle-free move than meets the eye.

Why Professional Packers and Movers are Your Best Moving-Day Option

Whether you have years of experience moving or it’s your first time, relocation can be a daunting task that spans several days. It takes a careful, organized approach to ensure that you don’t miss a single step – or item.

Handing the reigns over to professional packers and movers frees you up from the most time-consuming and physical portions of moving, allowing you to focus on getting settled in a new home. Plus, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of hiring a team of experts:

I can't say enough good things about the 4 man crew that did the move. Careful, good humored, strong, hard working, kind. We feel like we worked with a super professional shop. Thanks to the management at Hansen for creating a place to work that attracts excellent service providers like those four gentlemen. Moving is a difficult line of work, it takes a lot out of you, and I imagine many will turnover in these jobs as a result, so it can be hard to get deeply experienced movers that are skilled at disassembling furniture, navigating the variety of layouts houses can have, and engaging with families in the midst of chaos. But you have that kind of crew. It says a lot about Hansen -- and I hope all four of the people that helped us get terrific performance reviews and feedback from their managers! Highly recommended! Makalika N., 3/3/2020

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  • Your belongings are safe during packing and transit. Haphazardly throwing items in a box and failing to secure them in the moving truck increases the likelihood of damaged and lost belongings. Professionals come prepared on moving day with proper equipment & packing materials, and know how to best pack, arrange and secure items so they’re protected during transit. Additionally, most movers give you the option to purchase insurance, which covers the cost of any damaged belongings.
  • Movers can store items if necessary. Inclement weather, last-minute home repairs and inspections are just a few things that can delay move in. And if any of these unexpected events arise, you don't want to get stuck with a truck full of belongings. Professional moving companies often have storage facilities available in the area, securing your belongings for an extra day or two until you’re ready to move in.
  • Professional packers and movers offer a variety of transportation options. Moving doesn't always involve a few boxes and a moving truck. Cars, motorcycles and bulky furniture need to make the journey, too. Look for a moving provider that can accommodate these items. Worried about an aquarium breaking in the moving van? Movers can ship directly to your home. Have an extra car you can’t drive? Professional movers will load and deliver your car right to your driveway.

Hansen Bros: Your Go-To Provider for Professional Packers and Movers

At Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, we recognize that the quality and professionalism of a moving crew directly impacts your relocation experience. We provide our movers with in-depth training, proper packing materials and the latest equipment to ensure your needs are fully met on moving day. With over 125 years of knowledge and experience packing and moving everything from museum artifacts (we moved the entire Museum of History and Industry) to tens of thousands of belongings for residential customers and businesses, you can rest assured your belongings will be handled properly.

Our packing services include:

  • Full Pack – Using the best materials available, we pack all your household belongings including appliances and dishware.
  • Partial Pack – Need an extra hand with fragile and large items? After you've packed most belongings, the Hansen Bros. team will come in to pack more difficult items like artwork, glassware, china, lamps and mirrors.
  • Specialized Packing & Unpacking – Customers in the Puget Sound area can opt for specialized white glove services that include packing, unpacking, and completely setting up your new home.
  • Crating – Heavy, oversized items require additional protection to make a safe journey. Our crating services are ideal for pool tables, large pictures & paintings, glass table tops, statues, fragile antique furniture and much more.

You need professional packers and movers who make moving simple. You need Hansen Bros. To get your moving-day quote and learn more about our services, contact us today.

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