Packing 102

Following is a helpful list of Moving Do's and Don'ts from Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage that will both help ensure that your belongings are packed safely and that they arrive at your destination intact.

Nicole was great. Gave us a lot of tips about packing/moving. Movers: All polite, Got the job done so quickly that sometimes I could not keep up. Dallas did a good job with inventory and helping determine where things were going. He adjusted when we decided to get a larger storage space. Mike did an amazing job as the lead in taking apart our furniture and putting it back together. All were patient with our chaos and respectful and very hard workers. Very honest company. We were given a refund due to an error with original bid due to software glitch. Very happy!!!! Carol Smith, 2/25/2020

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  • DO label the contents on the outside of every box. If possible, note which room the boxes should go to. Mark fragile boxes on every side.
  • DO leave clothes and soft items in dresser drawers.
  • DO use linens and towels to cushion fragile items.
  • DO pack record albums and CD’s on end.
  • DO use about four inches of crumpled paper on the bottom of every box containing fragile items. Wrap each item individually and add paper cushioning around it.
  • DO make sure every box is packed tightly and full to the top (more crushed paper).
  • DO wrap plates, saucers, and china individually, and bundle in groups of three or four. Stand them on end in the carton; never lay them flat.
  • DO wrap cups and glasses individually and pack them rim down in the box. If items are particularly delicate, pack one box inside another.
  • DO remember to tape down the arm of your stereo turntable before moving.
  • DO remember to lock down carriage mechanism of CD players before moving.
  • DO check to see that caps are secure on toilet articles and medicines before packing them. If in doubt, move them yourself in your own car. A spill can be dangerous.
  • DO investigate the cost of mailing books if you have a large library. Postal book rates may be cheaper than moving company rates (for long distance moves).
  • DO purge your closets and library before moving. Draw a floor plan of your new home. Any furniture that won’t fit should be given to friends or charity; you don’t need a furnished attic.
  • DON’T pack too tightly. Fragile items need space to avoid breakage.
  • DON’T pack any flammable materials or aerosol products, including hair spray, shaving cream, deodorants, insecticides, cleaning products, spray paint, nail-polish remover, bleach lighter fluid and motor oil. The temperature inside a closed moving van can reach 150 degrees, and these combustible items can trigger an explosion.
  • DON’T use newspaper to wrap fine china and other items that can’t be cleaned off. Newspaper ink smears easily. Ask you mover for blank newsprint.
  • DON’T move a gas stove or dryer into an all-electric house. Check to be sure that your appliances can be connected in your new home.

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