Just like moving an employee across the country, moving an employee with their family internationally has many aspects to consider. Hansen Bros. can help you make the transition as seamless as possible. From our no-obligation survey till the last item is unpacked safely at the destination, we are with you and your employee every step of the way.

Hansen Bros. is a proud agent of Allied International, one of the largest and most respected international moving companies in the world. Together, Hansen Bros. and Allied International can efficiently move your people to or from anywhere in the world with the ease we move someone to a neighboring town. We understand that there's much to anticipate and plan for when moving overseas. When you choose us as your international moving company, your focus can remain on your other responsibilities and not on the stressful aspects of arranging an overseas relocation.

How Are We Different?

What makes us different is our ability to recognize your people’s and companies’ specific needs and then customize your international moving policy to the services required to reflect those needs. You need an international moving company with knowledge, experience and comprehensive resources to transport your team globally. You need Hansen Bros. and Allied International. By meeting early in the process to understand your goals, we can put together a relocation policy that reflects those goals. With the plan in place, everyone will have the same expectations before the move takes place or is even discussed. This sets the table for a successful move and a happy and productive employee.

The movers were great. My husband had been ill and was not able to pack his office. The movers kindly ordered boxes from the main office and packed for him, even though they weren't expecting to do this. They were very patient and thoughtful. They put the furniture where I wanted it in the new place. I am so pleased with your service and will certainly recommend you to others. Lynda V., 3/28/2020

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Our international moving services begin with a complete no-obligation survey, keeping in mind the predetermined parameters already set in your company policy. We will be able to determine what will be moving, the services to be performed and any particular needs there may be regarding the shipment. Then, working together with our operations department, a comprehensive plan is constructed to address all of the parameters of the upcoming move. We will then be able to compare services required to your company policy. If there is a discrepancy, we will be able to make suggestions and offer various options that address the situation. After the plan and any options are in place, it is reviewed with your employee. If the shipment is out of the scope of your policies, options available to the employee are agreed upon. We have detailed information on the destination country’s culture, customs and laws which also help keep the transferee informed. The same people that devised the plan become the personal move coordinator who will not only plan every detail of the move, but will also be the single point of contact throughout the journey. They will oversee the move from start to finish, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction along the way.

Our skilled professionals will effectively pack, according to plan, the entire residence or just a few items and prepare the belongings for the rigorous journey overseas. We will only use the highest quality packing materials and supplies and we will carefully inventory every piece of the shipment. All parties involved will be able to contact us if necessary at anytime during the process. Everyone will also receive shipment details regarding the vessel or flight number, estimated delivery dates and service providers as part of our international moving services.

If all of the belongings are being not transported at once, we have many storage-in-transit options that can be utilized. The storage options are designed to be an integral facet of our international moving services if the move requirements limit the size of the shipment, if your employee is renting a furnished home while overseas, or if the employee is staying in a hotel before relocating permanently into a residence. We also have the option of flying a small amount of items to the destination for daily use while the household goods are making their way overseas, which gets the individual up and running almost immediately.

Hansen Bros. and Allied offers a customized level of service to suit the budget and needs of your company and your employees. From just arranging for local storage while flying a few items over to low cost "dock to dock" shipping to doing a complete pack and "door to door" delivery, our team can do it all.

Why Choose Hansen Bros. and Allied?

1) Allied to Allied - Using the world’s largest network of moving expertise

  • Allied International has owned and franchised companies operating under the Allied brand in over 45 countries around the world with trusted representatives in every other country in the world. This unique network provides single-source control of your shipments from origin to destination. Allied International monitors performance on each move to in order to maintain top-quality service throughout our global network.

2) We know the business better than anyone

  • Allied has been relocating families for companies to all corners of the globe for decades. As a result, we have the experience in routing options and customs procedures to move your team to virtually every country in the world.

3) Goods are packed by skilled moving crews

  • Trained and experienced Allied agent moving crews that use materials and techniques specifically designed for export shipments – protecting belongings from shock and vibration, as well as temperature and humidity extremes along the way.

4) Sometimes costs have to be held down, So we do.

  • By constructing a moving policy early, the Hansen Bros team can offer many different options on how to save whenever possible. Also working in conjunction with Allied, one of the largest international moving companies in the world, our team is able to command premier, preferential service at highly competitive prices. This provides you with assurance that your shipments and your team members will be awarded the most timely and cost-efficient relocation possible.

5) We keep you informed every step of the way

  • A move management system is in place for every move – a comprehensive series of checks and double-checks, that ensures attention to all the details of a move every step of the way. Scheduled “prompts” and reminders make sure that every step of the moving process is completed – and communicated to everyone involved – with optimum proficiency.

6) Service Charter

  • Hansen Bros. and Allied International have established a set of move standards to make sure that you receive a consistent, quality move on a door-to-door basis.

7) Comprehensive transit protection and “in-house” claims team

Found Hansen Bros. thru Allied Van Lines which I've used before. I knew Hansen Bros. has a good reputation like Allied, Jim C., 3/25/2020

See What 3,430 Customers are Saying
  • If a claim does arise following your move, Allied International will arrange for repair or replacement as quickly as possible. Unlike many competitors, all claims are settled directly by the Allied International claims team, rather than an indifferent third party.



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