Simplifying Relocation With Move Management and Unpacking Solutions

Interested in a better, more streamlined way to relocate? Consider using professional packing, move management and unpacking services. When it comes to moving, it’s important to take a careful, organized approach. You need a team of experienced, reliable movers who work efficiently. Because when you’re not worrying about your moving company, you’re free to focus on a smooth transition.

How Professional Move Management and Unpacking Solutions Simplify Relocation

Moving is an overwhelming process. Responsibilities like packing, crating, storage and shipping are just the tip of the iceberg. You also might need to:

  • Register children in their new school district
  • Finish outstanding home inspections and paperwork
  • Attain new driver’s license and license plates (if moving across state lines)

These tasks require your full attention. But all other aspects of moving like packing, move management and unpacking can be handled by knowledgeable experts.  Well-trained relocation professionals simplify the process by taking basic moving-day responsibilities off your plate:

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  • You don’t have to worry about packing (or unpacking). Most moving day stress revolves around packing. The sheer number of items in your home can overwhelm even the most experienced mover. Professional packers and movers are both time- and cost-efficient, arriving at your home – supplies in hand – a few days before the move. They’ll pack room by room, clearly labeling and organizing belongings to keep them safe during transit. Plus, they can unpack and place items once you’ve arrived in your new home. 
  • Move management professionals have interstate resources. When relocation takes you across state lines, you want assurance that your belongings are in safe hands. Look for moving professionals with third-party van line partners. If for any reason you’re traveling out of a moving company’s geographic range, the company should be able to pass the truck over to a third-party partner. That way, you know your belongings are constantly in capable hands.
  • You have access to storage facilities.  Part of preparing for a move is expecting the unexpected. If an unforeseen circumstance arises, you’ll want storage options. Look for a move management partner that has access to convenient, full-service storage facilities. Whether its overnight or long term, you’ll have peace of mind knowing items are safe in a secure unit. 

Moving Made Simple with Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage

Packing, storage, move management and unpacking can get complicated. At Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, we work with you to make moving simple. Our team of well-trained, knowledgeable move management experts know how to handle even the most complex relocations.

We offer a specialized division, HB Move Management, dedicated to helping you manage every detail of your relocation. Specialized services include:

  • Pre-Move – After sorting and arranging belongings, we develop a moving-day plan.
  • Concierge – We provide referrals for house cleaning, trash hauling and estate sale services.
  • Packing – We carefully box and arrange items, with careful attention to fragile items.
  • Unpacking & Resettling – We unpack all of the boxes, put things away in accordance with your direction, and help you quickly transform your new residence into your home.

From packing to storage, move management and unpacking, Hansen Bros. has you covered. Ready for your free quote? Contact us today. 

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