Bridging Seattle’s History: Celebrating Landmark Moments with Our Historic Moving Company

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    The Aurora Bridge, officially known as the George Washington Memorial Bridge, stands as a vital artery of Seattle, connecting the dynamic neighborhoods of Queen Anne and Fremont. This steel cantilever structure, inaugurated in 1932, has facilitated the movement of people and goods across the city for decades. In a recent article by Pacific NW Magazine, the bridge’s historical significance was brought to life, shedding light on its grand opening, which was marked by a telegraph signal from President Herbert Hoover himself. This historical moment resonates deeply with another Seattle institution that has stood the test of time: our very own Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage. Founded in 1890, Hansen Bros. has been an integral part of the city’s growth and evolution, moving households and businesses through the ever-changing Seattle.

    The Bridge’s Significance

    The Aurora Bridge represents a key development in Seattle’s infrastructure. Before its construction, the neighborhoods it now connects were significantly more isolated. The bridge provided an essential link, fostering economic growth and community cohesion. For businesses like Hansen Bros., which depend on seamless transportation routes, the bridge has been indispensable. The company’s trucks, often seen traversing this iconic structure, highlight how integral the bridge has been to the logistics and moving services that keep Seattle moving.

    hansen bros moving truck on the bridge
    The Aurora Bridge and Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage symbolize Seattle’s enduring growth and connectivity.

    Hansen Bros.: A Legacy of Moving Seattle

    Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has a history almost as storied as the city itself. Starting with horse-drawn wagons, our company has grown alongside Seattle, adapting to technological advances and the city’s expanding infrastructure. Including a Hansen Bros. truck photo in the Pacific NW Magazine article serves as a reminder of the company’s enduring presence and its role in Seattle’s history. All of which we are greatly proud of.

    Throughout its history, Hansen Bros. has moved countless families and businesses. The opening of the Aurora Bridge was a milestone that undoubtedly eased many of these moves, providing a direct route between key parts of the city. For a company whose mission is to facilitate smooth transitions, the bridge’s construction was truly a landmark event.

    Bridging Past and Present

    The story of the Aurora Bridge is a testament to Seattle’s spirit of innovation and progress. Similarly, Hansen Bros. embodies these qualities, continuously improving its services while honoring its historical roots. In celebrating the Aurora Bridge, we also celebrate the businesses thriving because of it.

    Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, with its deep roots in Seattle’s history, exemplifies the enduring connection between the city’s infrastructure and its community. As Seattle moves forward, the bridge and our local moving company will undoubtedly continue to play important roles in the city’s ongoing story, bridging the past with the future and connecting the lives of Seattleites across generations.

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