MOHAI Move Update (8-29-11)

Week of August 29, 2011

Monday August 29 
Favorite: Sausage Stuffer from the Soderlund home in Dalkena, WA, ca. 1912




346 Items
210 Catalog Numbers
38 Boxes


Tuesday August 30
Favorite: Cast iron match box in shape of an alligator



1175 Items
294 Catalog Numbers
39 Boxes


Wednesday August 31
Favorite: Painted metal tray with "Red Raven / Ask the Man, 'Papa has a Headache,'" picture of unclothed child at bar.



1316 Items
270 Catalog Numbers
36 Boxes


Thursday September 1
Favorite: Articulated armature



1178 Items
483 Catalog Numbers
69 Boxes


Friday September 2
Favorite: Stereoscope and stereoview



1231 Items
337 Catalog Numbers
57 Boxes


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