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Although many unknowns still remain, rest assured that Hansen Bros. will be timely and transparent in our communications regarding servicing your moving & storage needs. Our professional relocation consultants will work diligently to offer creative solutions in the event your project is impacted by the current health crisis.


All Hansen Bros. Employees are instructed and expected to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC. This includes:

  • Staying home from work if ill, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or having been exposed to someone with the virus
  • Washing hands frequently with soap or using proper hand sanitizer when soap is not available
  • Maintaining a 6’ social distance from others to the highest degree possible
  • Wearing appropriate face masks when/if requested or required

Hansen Bros. continues to take the following steps:

  • Regularly refreshing and reinforcing prevention guidelines among all staff members to reduce the risk of spreading infection
  • Daily monitoring of staff for symptoms of illness and sending anyone with symptoms home
  • Offering customers the option of contact-free virtual estimate appointments – More Information About Virtual Estimates
  • Following all guidelines and protocols required by Retirement Living Communities, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, etc.
  • Upon request and at no charge, our crew members can wear masks while performing your move. Please simply notify your Relocation Consultant if this is your preference.

Hansen Bros. requests the following of our customers:

  • If you have a scheduled estimate appointment or booked move, please notify us immediately if you or any members of your household have been exposed to COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or are experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, or difficulty breathing. Please rest assured there is NO CHARGE to reschedule your estimate or move due to illness – we will work together to find an alternate date that works for you.
  • Please use disinfectant/cleaner to wipe down commonly touched surfaces, objects, door handles, etc. at your residence.
  • Please make a sink, hand soap, and paper towels available to your outside salesperson and moving crew for handwashing during their time within your home.
  • Please keep all windows open throughout the moving process as this allows for greater airflow and reduces the containment of germs.
  • Please maintain a social distance of 6’ or greater during both your in-person estimate appointment and while moving services are being performed.

Here are some informative and helpful resources about COVID-19:

The team at Hansen Bros. is proud to continue offering our wide range of services in accordance with the necessary precautions outlined above. Whether you are planning to move your household or business down the street, across the country, or around the world, we’re here to make the process seamless & safe for you, just as we’ve done for well over a century!

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A Side-by-Side Look at DIY and Full-Service Moving Options

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    Moving day is often approached with a blend of excitement and anxiety, a testament to the complexities inherent in the process. As expert movers and packers Seattle trusts, we understand that navigating the intricate labyrinth of moving logistics can often present challenges. A primary decision to consider is whether to embark on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) move or to engage a full-service moving company. To shed light on this dilemma, we will comprehensively explore both DIY and full-service moving options. Regardless of whether you’re planning a local transition within the dynamic boundaries of Seattle or contemplating a long-distance move, a clear understanding of these options can make your relocation not just achievable but significantly stress-free.

    DIY Moving: Pros and Cons

    DIY moving often strikes a chord with individuals seeking a hands-on, budget-friendly approach to relocation. The major allure of this method is rooted in cost savings. Eliminating labor costs and working on your schedule can reduce expenses significantly. You’re free to decide which areas need investment, such as choosing between new packing materials or recycled ones.

    In addition, the DIY moving process offers unparalleled flexibility. You can pack at your own pace, systematically sorting through belongings, ensuring nothing gets left behind or misplaced. You can make the move personal, packaging your precious memories yourself, bringing a sense of involvement and control that’s unique to the DIY process.

    However, DIY moving isn’t devoid of challenges. Foremost is the physical exertion involved. Heavy lifting can be demanding, and not everyone is prepared for the toll it can take on their body. Overlooking safety measures can also lead to injuries or damage to belongings.

    A couple next to stack of moving boxes weighs DIY and full-service moving
    Navigating the logistics of DIY relocation can be intricate and stressful

    Next, coordinating truck rental pick-up and return times, packing efficiently to maximize space usage, and ensuring secure loading to avoid damage in transit – are just a few tasks in the complex matrix of a DIY move.

    Lastly, the time commitment is substantial. Between packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking, DIY moves can consume a significant portion of your schedule. For people with limited time, balancing regular duties with moving tasks can be overwhelming.

    Despite these challenges, proper planning and organization can make a DIY move successful. Leveraging resources such as quality moving boxes Seattle can offer, developing a comprehensive moving checklist, and enlisting help from friends or family can ensure a smooth DIY move.

    Full-Service Moving: Pros and Cons

    On the other side of the spectrum lies the full-service moving option. This comprehensive service provides a stark contrast to the DIY approach, characterized by professional assistance, comfort, and time-saving attributes.

    The major advantage of full-service moving is its convenience. You’re relieved from strenuous tasks like packing, loading, and unloading. Professional movers come equipped with the right tools and expertise, ensuring your belongings are handled with care and transported safely.

    Access to professional assistance cannot be understated. Full-service Washington movers have experience maneuvering bulky items through tight spaces, utilizing moving trucks’ capacity efficiently, and safeguarding items during transit.

    woman researching what are the DIY and Full-Service Moving Options for her move
    Take your time and research every aspect of both moving solutions

    A significant time-saving attribute of full-service moving is that it frees you to focus on other important tasks and aspects of your relocation. Including but not limited to setting up utilities in your new home or saying goodbye to neighbors. However, full-service moving does come with potential downsides.

    The cost is notably higher than a DIY move due to labor charges, transportation fees, and additional services. Also, less personal control over the moving process can be a concern. Since movers will be packing and handling your items, you may feel disconnected or anxious about the safety of your valuables.

    Yet, understanding the varied services offered by full-service moving companies can help you make the most of this option. From packing and unpacking to disassembly and reassembly of furniture and providing storage facilities, knowing what is included in the quote can help you assess the true value against the cost.

    Cost Comparison for DIY and Full-Service Moving Options

    A fair cost comparison between DIY and full-service relocation options involves not just a tally of potential costs but an understanding of what each expense entails.

    In a DIY move, you bear the brunt of all costs, both apparent and hidden. Truck rental is the most obvious expense, followed by costs for packing materials like boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and protective coverings. Fuel for the moving vehicle is another expense, which can fluctuate depending on distance and fuel efficiency. Optional insurance for the rental truck, potential equipment rentals for heavy items, and unexpected costs like road tolls or parking fees also add to the total.

    Calculator and Notepad placed over Stack of Paper Bills
    An unbiased cost comparison between DIY and full-service moving options is crucial to making an informed decision

    On the other hand, full-service moving involves a higher upfront cost but bundles multiple services into a single price. This covers professional labor, transportation, and insurance. Costs can increase based on optional services like packing and unpacking, assembly and disassembly of furniture, or self storage Seattle solutions.

    To get a clear understanding of what you’re signing up for:

    • Analyze each cost factor,
    • Juxtapose DIY and full-service expenses and
    • Match the expenses against your budget.

    Altogether, it will ensure no hidden costs catch you off guard.

    Preparation is More Than Half the Work

    Regardless of the moving approach you choose, proper planning and preparation lay the foundation for a successful move. For DIYers, creating a moving timeline is crucial. This should include deadlines for each stage – from sorting and decluttering to packing room-by-room and loading the truck. Efficient planning helps manage time and reduce last-minute chaos.

    Packing strategies are vital in a DIY move, too. Using quality moving boxes, correctly packing fragile items, and organizing boxes based on room and contents can streamline the unpacking process. Logistics planning covers aspects such as:

    • the route to the new location,
    • overnight stops if required, and
    • arranging for help on a moving day.

    For those opting for full-service moving, planning involves researching movers and selecting the most practical combo of the moving services Seattle offers. Checking a company’s credentials, reading customer reviews, comparing quotes, and verifying included services are essential steps in the process. Once the movers are booked, preparation involves sorting and decluttering, as well as setting up a moving day inventory to ensure all items reach the new location.

    A Young Couple Picking up a Couch Together
    Are you prepared and equipped for packing and moving heavy, bulky items?

    The Packing Stage

    Packing and loading are significant phases in both DIY and full-service moving, involving care, precision, and organization. For DIY movers, packing begins with acquiring suitable materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. Once supplies are on hand, the packing process involves:

    • Wrapping items securely;
    • Filling boxes without overloading;
    • Maintaining a consistent labeling system for easy identification later;
    • Special consideration for fragile items, electronics, and valuable possessions.

    The loading process in a DIY move is another task requiring careful execution. The goal is to distribute weight evenly inside the rental truck to maintain balance during transit. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom, with lighter ones stacked on top. Filling gaps with soft items can prevent shifting during transit, reducing the risk of damage. When opting for DIY consider the following tips for effective packing and loading:

    • Use sturdy, right-sized boxes for different items.
    • Wrap breakable items individually in bubble wrap or packing paper.
    • Distribute weight evenly across boxes.
    • Don’t overfill boxes. It’s better to use more boxes than to risk damage by stuffing too many items into one box.
    • Label boxes clearly with the contents and the room they belong to.
    • For DIY moves, load heavy items first, followed by lighter ones.

    On the other hand, full-service moving companies handle packing and loading professionally. Their trained crew brings quality packing materials, use efficient techniques, and has the expertise to pack a range of items safely. Particularly, the packing and loading strategies of piano movers in Seattle are designed to maximize space usage and minimize damage during transit.

    picture of man and a woman lifting the box
    When choosing between DIY and full-service relocation, consider the load you need to carry

    Transportation and Transit Phase

    Transportation and transit stages are where the differences between DIY and full-service moving come to the fore.

    In a DIY move, you’re tasked with driving a potentially large rental truck, often loaded with all your possessions. This responsibility brings with it the need to understand and maintain the moving vehicle, including checking tire pressure, oil levels, and brake functionality. You also have to plan the route, considering fuel stops, meal breaks, and overnight stays if it’s a long-distance move. Also, checking trucking regulations in advance is a good idea.

    Conversely, full-service moving provides professional drivers familiar with managing large vehicles and navigating diverse routes. While the movers handle the transportation, you have the freedom to travel by your preferred means, with the comfort of knowing experienced professionals are transporting your belongings safely.

    Unloading and Unpacking Process

    Unloading and unpacking present their own set of challenges and strategies in both DIY and full-service moving options. In a DIY move, unloading requires as much care and precision as loading. Furniture and heavy boxes must be handled carefully to prevent injury or damage to belongings or the new home.

    Once items are unloaded, the unpacking process begins. This involves opening boxes systematically, arranging items in their designated places, and disposing of or recycling packing materials. This process can be time-consuming and requires a lot of patience.

    Focused couple carrying boxes on stairs considering DIY and full-service moving
    Consider leaving difficult, time-consuming moving tasks to trained professionals

    In a full-service move, unloading is handled by the moving crew. They typically unload the items based on your instructions, placing boxes and furniture in the appropriate rooms. The HB move management type of service can offer unpacking and furniture setup services as part of their package or for an additional cost.

    Additional Services to Consider

    Both DIY and full-service moving have their associated considerations. However, full-service moving often comes with additional services that can ease the moving process. Full-service moving companies may offer packing and unpacking services, furniture assembly and disassembly, and even temporary storage solutions. For instance, PortaBox storage Seattle offers convenient, door-to-door, portable storage solutions. They can be extremely helpful in case of a delayed move-in or a need to declutter your new home urgently.

    Moreover, full-service movers provide insurance coverage for your belongings during transit, offering peace of mind. The extent of this coverage varies, so it’s essential to understand the policy before moving day.

    Customer support is another aspect where full-service movers shine. They provide professional guidance and assistance throughout the moving process, addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

    Regardless of the type of move, conducting thorough research and reading reviews is crucial when selecting moving services. This allows you to find a reliable and suitable service provider and avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Women considering all DIY and Full-Service Moving Options for her move
    Choosing between DIY and full-service relocation is not a decision to be made lightly

    Making an Informed Decision about DIY and Full-Service Moving Options

    An informed decision involves assessing your specific needs, budget, time constraints, and comfort level with handling moving tasks. In the end, it boils down to:

    • You may favor DIY moving if you’re on a tight budget, have a smaller quantity of belongings, or simply enjoy the process of moving.
    • Full-service moving can be the better choice if you value convenience, have a lot of belongings, or are moving long distance.

    To help you make an informed decision, consider the following:

    • Assess your inventory: The number of belongings you have will significantly impact your moving process. If you have a lot of large, heavy furniture or delicate items, hiring professionals could be the safer bet.
    • Evaluate your budget: If budget is a constraint, DIY might be a more cost-effective choice, despite the effort involved. However, remember to consider the hidden costs of DIY moving, such as packing supplies and potential damage to your belongings.
    • Consider your timeline: If you’re short on time, full-service moving can help you move more quickly and efficiently, as it eliminates the need to pack, load, and unload.
    • Think about distance: For longer moves, hiring professionals might be more beneficial, as they can handle the complexities of long-distance transportation.

    Embrace a Smooth Relocation with Informed Choices

    The comparative analysis between DIY and full-service moving options reflects the varied needs and preferences of those preparing for the significant life transition that is relocation. Each successful move serves as a testament to the thoughtful assessment of individual requirements, available resources, and personal inclinations. As you navigate this significant life transition, we hope this guide serves as your reliable navigation tool, empowering you with the knowledge to make confident decisions.

    Whether your path aligns with the independent nature of a DIY move or you’re drawn towards the convenience of a full-service solution, always remember: understanding these options is the fundamental stepping stone to a streamlined and successful move. With this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to embark on your new journey with peace of mind.

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