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How to Properly Store Your Summer Belongings in Seattle

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    When seasons change, it’s not everything about having a good time and enjoying different activities. Although this may take most of our time, there will be certain tasks that are almost like a tradition. Smaller and bigger households can practice them and usually start at the same time each year. Even though there are many of them, probably the most important one is storing seasonal belongings. This process has a lot of perks and it will make your home more spacious and organized. If you never had a chance to do it before but want to give it a shot, you should have a good plan ready. Since the state of Washington has nice and warm summer, you could be left with a lot of summer inventory and simply don’t know what to do with it. Here is everything you should know about how to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle!

    Summer in Seattle

    Depending on which part of Seattle you live in, every summer could be a different experience for you. The more dynamic the summer, the more summer items you will get throughout the years. And while storage in Seattle can take care of most of your belongings you will still have to prepare them for that. But, before that happens let’s see what kind of summer items people tend to have in their household that are not suitable for other seasons. From the most obvious ones to those that are more special, all of us have something that will only take up free space once colder days come. 

    mother and daughter packing
    Before you start preparing for storage, you should organize your summer items

    Summer in Seattle is wonderful most of the time. Temperatures can go up to 94 degrees and that is when people usually look for ways to cool down. Households in the suburbs will set up pools and other water attractions, while people who live closer to the city will arrange balconies and keep their apartments cooler. You will also come across people who will visit their lake houses during summer, just to get some fresh air and boost up their energy. 

    Choosing the right time to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle

    So when exactly is the right time to start this process? During summer, or once the days get shorter and colder? The answer to this lies in your household, believe it or not. Before setting the right date to store everything, you will have to make a full inventory list. And just like most things, this one will have some pros and cons. The good thing is that you can include family members in the process as it will be much easier and faster. On the other hand, if you have smaller kids, some of them may require you to have the items for as long as possible. Achieving balance is even more essential if you are moving. Washington movers will ask you to provide the list before moving, so you should have it on you.

    The best time to start preparing your items is in the last couple of summer weeks. This will way everybody will be happy with the outcome and you will still have a lot of sunny days in front of you. After making a plan with your family, you can start categorizing belongings and slowly start preparing them for storage. Avoid waiting for too long, as this may cause a lot of stress, especially if you find yourself in the rainy season. 

    Most common summer belongings that should be in storage

    To properly store your summer belongings in Seattle, you will have to know what exactly to store. Even though every list will end up being different, there are some items that are most likely in your household at the moment. The criteria are very simple. Everything you don’t need until the next summer should be in the box. When the time comes, Everett movers can help you with those boxes, if you are in that area. To make things much easier for you, here are some suggestions!

    packing box on the bed
    Even though most of these items are not so fragile they will still need to be packed the right way

    Summer clothes and shoes

    Of course, the first thing that popped into your mind was this one. Summer clothes and shoes are something we usually don’t use during the fall and winter. Especially if the difference between seasons is extreme like it is in Seattle. So, your first step is to go through every wardrobe in your house and gather summer things. Include shorts, dresses, and swimsuits and you will instantly see the difference. There will be enough space for the rest of your items and your household will no longer be messy.

    The same goes out for shoes. But since they may be a little bit trickier to pack, make sure to check do you still have the original packaging. Those will be extremely helpful later. Leaving these two types of items is absolutely unnecessary. You won’t be using them even if the temperatures rise a little bit. Your home should be neat and fresh all the time and you will feel much better after storing everything.

    Summer and water toys

    Even if you don’t have kids, chances are big you like to have fun during summer. And fun always includes some cool props that you will have to store later. On the other hand, if you have small kids, you will be surrounded by these items all summer long. Inflating pools and toys are pretty easy to pack and store in your home, but if you have many, you will still need to look for a different solution. In case you have a relocation on the way, this will also make things much easier for Edmonds movers. Once they arrive, you can focus on other tasks in your household.

    Some bigger items could be part of your inventory as well. Bigger pools or even summer tents are something you most definitely won’t be needing during fall or winter. Leave them aside as soon as possible and make sure to pack them properly before storing them. As a result, your home will feel much more spacious in no time. 

    modern storage
    After you find a good company you can proceed to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle

    Garden furniture

    And finally, if you have a lovely garden or huge balcony in front of your home, you may need to store them as well at some point. These items are usually bigger and heavier so they will probably need a different approach. If you want to properly store your summer belongings in Seatle, make sure you deal with these items carefully. Even though some of them seem like they can be used throughout the year, you will most likely end up moving them from one place to another.

    Of course, portable storage Seattle will keep your garden furniture close to you. If this is what you prefer you will be able to access it any time you want. After all, your garden or balcony will look much better during winter if there is no furniture there. Plus, chances are big that the bad weather could damage most of them. Leaving them in storage is a much better option and will keep wood or other material safe. 

    How to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle

    When the time for storing comes, all of your summer belongings must be ready on time. Simply packing everything won’t do it, as they will be there for a while and once you decide to pick them up it will be much easier. Of course, not all of these items require the same approach. Some will take more of your time and others can be simply a little bit too difficult to handle. To finish this process properly all you need to do is follow a couple of simple steps. As a result, your inventory will be ready to spend some quality time until next summer. 

    When you categorize and set aside everything you would like to store make sure to:

    • Wash or clean summer items
    • Label boxes to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle
    • Organize the storage
    person wrapping bowl in bubble wrap as an example of how to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle
    Avoid packing your items before cleaning or washing them

    Keep in mind that full service storage Seattle should be among the first options to consider. Even if you are not moving but simply need more space, you should be sure that your possessions are safe. Right preparations will protect the items even more, and when the time comes they will be ready for usage again. For those who are beginners here are some extra details on how to do it right!

    Wash or clean summer items

    The first step in the process is of course cleaning. As everyone loves spending time outside during summer, these items probably spend a lot of time there as well. Since the city of Seattle can be really hot, especially in July and August your summer furniture may need refreshment. You can always find special chemical solutions and oils that will have wooden or metal areas shine and look better. And while everything will be in storage for some time this will be a smart move.

    Summer clothes would be washed and dried prior to packing and categorized in the most suitable way. You can ask each family member to take care of their own things so you don’t lose too much time. Be extra careful not to pack something that is still wet. This would make the risk of mold appearing much higher and that is something you seriously don’t need. Place your shoes in the original packaging and prepare a big packing box to place everything there. In case you have some delicate clothes or shoes, you can use a plastic bag for those. 

    Label boxes to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle

    You probably wonder why is labeling so important. Well, once you left everything in storage, you will continue with your life until next summer comes around. It will be very hard to remember what is in every box, especially if there are a lot of them. Labeling will be extremely helpful and you will know where to start with the unpacking. For this process, you will need some markers or labeling tape in different colors. Make sure labels are big, visible, and written on every side of the box. Mercer Island movers can provide more guidelines when it comes to labeling so feel free to ask them.

    Organize the storage

    If you decide to go with portable storage units you will still need to organize items inside. Remember that even though they are big, storage containers still have limited space. If you start putting everything there without order, you will not use the space right and things may become difficult. This will result in you still not having space and your boxes being mixed up. To avoid this, make sure to organize and place everything right. The same rule will apply to everything you need to store. Of course, commercial storage Seattle will work better for professional equipment as they are bigger and more suitable for it.

    Things to avoid when you want to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle

    By now, you know that even the smallest details matter a lot. The most important thing you should try to avoid is changing the inventory list often. This may not only result in a higher storage price but can also affect your mood. You will have to think about it all the time and that is not what storage is for. Instead, try to enjoy the experience of having a perfect partner and relax until next summer.

    big and spacious storage
    Storage employees can always provide more guidelines in case you need them

    Bottom line

    You will be making a good and smart decision by choosing to properly store your summer belongings in Seattle. Getting a free quote from Seattle a moving and storage company will help you get an insight into your finances. Once you get it, you can organize the rest of the process and maybe get more packing materials if needed. Stay relaxed and enjoy cooler days until summer comes again.

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