Founded in 1890, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage has successfully weathered many history-changing events including the Great Seattle Fire, WWI, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression, WWII, the 2008 recession, and 9/11 among many other public crises. The health & safety of our customers, staff, service providers, and local community are paramount and we continue to adhere to all directives from local, state, and federal government agencies.
Although many unknowns still remain, rest assured that Hansen Bros. will be timely and transparent in our communications regarding servicing your moving & storage needs. Our professional relocation consultants will work diligently to offer creative solutions in the event your project is impacted by the current health crisis.


All Hansen Bros. Employees are instructed and expected to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC. This includes:

  • Staying home from work if ill, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or having been exposed to someone with the virus
  • Washing hands frequently with soap or using proper hand sanitizer when soap is not available
  • Maintaining a 6’ social distance from others to the highest degree possible
  • Wearing appropriate face masks when/if requested or required

Hansen Bros. continues to take the following steps:

  • Regularly refreshing and reinforcing prevention guidelines among all staff members to reduce the risk of spreading infection
  • Daily monitoring of staff for symptoms of illness and sending anyone with symptoms home
  • Offering customers the option of contact-free virtual estimate appointments – More Information About Virtual Estimates
  • Following all guidelines and protocols required by Retirement Living Communities, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, etc.
  • Upon request and at no charge, our crew members can wear masks while performing your move. Please simply notify your Relocation Consultant if this is your preference.

Hansen Bros. requests the following of our customers:

  • If you have a scheduled estimate appointment or booked move, please notify us immediately if you or any members of your household have been exposed to COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or are experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, or difficulty breathing. Please rest assured there is NO CHARGE to reschedule your estimate or move due to illness – we will work together to find an alternate date that works for you.
  • Please use disinfectant/cleaner to wipe down commonly touched surfaces, objects, door handles, etc. at your residence.
  • Please make a sink, hand soap, and paper towels available to your outside salesperson and moving crew for handwashing during their time within your home.
  • Please keep all windows open throughout the moving process as this allows for greater airflow and reduces the containment of germs.
  • Please maintain a social distance of 6’ or greater during both your in-person estimate appointment and while moving services are being performed.

Here are some informative and helpful resources about COVID-19:

The team at Hansen Bros. is proud to continue offering our wide range of services in accordance with the necessary precautions outlined above. Whether you are planning to move your household or business down the street, across the country, or around the world, we’re here to make the process seamless & safe for you, just as we’ve done for well over a century!

~Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage  

Smart Strategies for Moving During Peak Season

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    A peak-season move, typically characterized by high demand for moving services, can lead to increased costs and limited availability. So this time, our reputable movers and packers Seattle trusts will explore essential strategies to help you navigate the complexities of moving during peak season. Soon, you’ll learn to choose the right moving company, budget effectively, and employ efficient packing techniques, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home!

    Identifying Peak Moving Season

    As you can guess, the peak moving season usually spans from late spring to early fall, with a significant spike in activity during the summer months. This timing coincides with favorable weather conditions and aligns with the school calendar, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike. However, the specific peak periods can vary depending on your region. For example, warmer climates might experience an extended peak moving season due to more consistent weather patterns.

    During this time, moving services in Seattle are in high demand, which can lead to challenges such as increased rates and less flexibility in scheduling. Recognizing these patterns is crucial for planning your move. If you have flexibility in your moving date, consider scheduling during the mid-week or mid-month when demand is typically lower. Understanding the dynamics of peak moving season helps you make informed decisions that align with your needs and budget.

    A woman carrying a box
    Opting for professional movers over a DIY approach can significantly reduce the stress and complexity of relocating during the peak season.

    Choosing the Right Movers

    Selecting a reliable moving company is vital for a stress-free relocation, especially when moving during peak season. Start by researching moving companies well in advance. Look for companies with good reviews, proper licensing, and insurance. Personal recommendations can also be a valuable resource. Once you’ve shortlisted a few companies, get detailed quotes and compare their services and prices.

    Booking early is fundamental. Secure your moving company at least four to six weeks before your intended move date. This gives you a better chance of getting your preferred date and time and might secure a more favorable rate.

    When evaluating moving companies, pay attention to their communication and customer service. A responsive and helpful mover can make a big difference, especially if unexpected issues arise. Also, inquire about their policies regarding delays, damages, and cancellations, as these are more common during the busy season.

    Lastly, beware of low-ball offers that seem too good to be true, as they often are. Such companies might tack on hidden fees or provide subpar services. Choosing a reputable and transparent moving company in Washington State will help ensure a smooth and successful move during the peak season.

    Budgeting for Your Upcoming Relocation

    Budgeting effectively for your move during peak season is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses. The high demand during this period often leads to increased rates for moving services. Begin by getting detailed quotes from multiple moving companies. These quotes should include all potential costs, such as labor, transportation, and additional services like packing or storage.

    Next, create a comprehensive moving budget. Factors in the moving company’s costs are additional expenses like packing materials, insurance, travel costs (if moving long distance), and any potential lodging expenses during the move. It’s also wise to set aside a contingency fund, around 10-15% of your total budget, to cover unexpected costs that can arise during peak season moves.

    A person counting money
    Careful budgeting ensures financial readiness for both expected and unforeseen expenses when moving during peak season.

    To reduce costs, consider decluttering before your move. Selling or donating items you no longer need can reduce the volume of goods to be moved, potentially lowering your moving costs. Additionally, if possible, be flexible with your moving date. Moving on weekdays or in the middle of the month might offer more favorable rates.

    Efficient Packing Strategies for a Safe Move

    Packing efficiently is key to a stress-free move, especially during the busy season. Here are some strategies to help you pack smartly:

    • Start early: Begin packing non-essential items several weeks before your move.
    • Use quality materials: Invest in sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper.
    • Label clearly: Mark each box with its contents and the room it belongs to.
    • Pack room by room: This keeps you organized and makes unpacking easier.
    • Heavier items in small boxes: This makes them easier to carry.
    • Fragile items: Wrap them carefully and mark boxes as ‘Fragile.’
    • Essential box: Pack a box of essentials you’ll need immediately upon arriving at your new home.

    Remember, well-organized and clearly labeled boxes save time and frustration during unpacking. Consider hiring professional packers if you’re short on time or need help with delicate items.

    Scheduling and Timing Your Relocation

    Choosing the right date and time when moving during peak season can significantly affect its ease and cost. If you have flexibility, avoid weekends and the end-of-month rush, as these are the busiest times for moving companies. Mid-week and mid-month dates often offer more availability and potentially lower rates.

    Plan your move well in advance, ideally booking your moving company four to six weeks before your desired date. This planning is particularly important during peak season when schedules fill quickly. Be clear about your moving timeline, especially if you have any constraints like lease expiration or a new job start date.

    A woman is looking at papers and planning for moving during peak season
    Securing a reliable moving company well in advance is crucial to avoid last-minute hassles during the busy peak season.

    Consider the timing of your move as well. Early morning starts can be beneficial, as they often mean cooler temperatures and less traffic, leading to a smoother move. Also, be aware of local events or road closures in your area that could affect traffic and access on your moving day.

    Finally, keep an open line of communication with your moving company. Confirm all details a few days before the move and stay informed about any changes or delays that may occur. This proactive approach ensures that you and your chosen local movers in Seattle are on the same page, minimizing the chances of last-minute surprises.

    Dealing with Unexpected Challenges

    Moving during peak season can bring unforeseen challenges, so being prepared and flexible is important. Weather conditions, traffic delays, or last-minute schedule changes can all impact your move. Here are strategies to manage these situations:

    • Stay Informed: Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and traffic updates leading up to your move. This information can help you anticipate and adjust plans as needed.
    • Plan for Delays: Build extra time into your moving schedule. If you’re on a tight deadline, consider moving a day earlier than necessary to allow for unexpected delays.
    • Keep Essentials Accessible: Pack a separate bag with essentials like medications, important documents, snacks, and a change of clothes. This preparation is vital if your belongings are delayed.
    • Maintain Communication: Keep your phone charged and handy to contact your movers. Prompt communication can help swiftly resolve any issues that arise.
    • Be Flexible: Sometimes, despite the best planning, things don’t go as expected. Being flexible and having a backup plan can reduce stress during these moments.

    Remember that flexibility and calm can significantly mitigate stress when dealing with unexpected challenges during your peak season move. If something doesn’t go according to plan, assess the situation, explore alternatives, and communicate effectively with all parties involved.

    This mindset helps you navigate unforeseen issues smoothly and ensures that you maintain control over the moving process. Remember, a well-handled challenge often leads to a more satisfying and accomplished moving experience.

    man in blue suit jacket,striped shirt, and eyeglasses talking on the phone while sitting at a table with his laptop
    Effective communication with your moving and storage professionals is key to a smooth and coordinated relocation during peak times.

    Adapting Your Move for Families and Special Needs

    Moving with young children, babies, pets, elderly, or disabled family members during peak season adds complexity to the process. Here are strategies to ensure their well-being and integrate their needs into your moving plan.

    Handling Moves with Young Children and Babies

    Stability is crucial for young ones. Maintain their routine as much as possible when moving during peak season. Pack a separate essentials bag with their favorite toys, snacks, and comfort items. Consider setting up their room in the new home first to establish a familiar environment quickly. If feasible, arrange for a family member or babysitter to care for them on moving day, reducing stress for both you and the children.

    Relocating with Pets

    Pets can sense and react to the chaos of moving. Keep them in a quiet, secure area on a moving day, away from the activity. Update their tags and microchip information with your new address. Ensure they have comfortable travel arrangements during the move and familiar items like blankets and toys.

    Moving with Elderly or Disabled Family Members

    For seniors or individuals with disabilities, the key is accessibility and comfort. Ensure their medications and essential medical equipment are easily accessible. Plan for any necessary accommodations in the new home, like installing grab bars or arranging a room on the ground floor. Also, consider the accessibility of the moving process itself and seek services that cater to these specific needs.

    Communication and Support

    Throughout the moving process, maintain open communication with family members, discussing each step to alleviate anxiety. Encourage children to express their feelings about the move and involve them in simple decisions. This inclusive approach helps in making the transition smoother for everyone.

    Utilizing Storage Solutions

    Storage solutions during a peak season offer flexibility and peace of mind. Consider temporary storage if your new home isn’t immediately available, or you must declutter your current house. This option safeguards your belongings until they’re needed. Mobile, PortaBox storage Seattle units provide another convenience layer, allowing you to pack at your own pace. These units can then be transported to your new location or a storage facility.

    Temperature-controlled storage is a wise choice for items sensitive to temperature or humidity, like electronics or antiques. When selecting a storage solution, prioritize accessibility, ensuring you can easily reach your items during the transition period. These storage strategies significantly ease the pressure of moving during the busy season, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

    A white cat in a cardboard box
    Relocating with family requires organizing essentials for children, ensuring accessibility for disabled family members, and securing comfortable arrangements for pets.

    Post-Move Essentials

    After the move, it’s time to transition into your new space. Start by systematically unpacking, focusing first on essential areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Having these spaces operational makes the rest of the settling-in process more manageable. As you unpack, inspect your belongings for any damages. Should you discover any issues, promptly contact the moving company to address potential claims.

    Another critical step post-move is updating your address with necessary institutions and setting up essential services like utilities and internet. Finally, give yourself a moment to explore your new neighborhood. This exploration helps familiarize yourself with the area and offers a much-needed break from the unpacking process.

    Sealing the Deal: A Successful Peak Season Move

    As you prepare for your move during the busy peak season, envision a process marked by strategic planning and adaptability. Anticipate your family’s needs, including young children, pets, or elderly relatives, and plan accordingly to ensure their comfort and safety.

    This upcoming move will enhance your organizational skills and problem-solving abilities, essential for navigating peak-season relocation’s complexities. You will face high demand and various challenges. However, with thorough preparation, moving, and self-storage Seattle experts by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to manage them effectively.

    Looking ahead to settling into your new home, view moving during peak season not only as a change of address but as a testament to your ability to handle significant life transitions adeptly. This experience will demonstrate your proficiency in orchestrating complex tasks, laying a strong foundation for future personal and professional endeavors.

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