Medical Equipment Shipping

There’s only one characteristic all medical equipment deliveries share: they’re all unique. With years of experience sensitive, high-value medical devices, Hansen Bros. and Allied have a unique understanding of the specialized handling and delivery procedures they require. Our network transports over 6,000 medical equipment shipments every year, and we go to great lengths to ensure that each one arrives on time, and that every installation goes smoothly.

Because we know we’re delivering more than your medical equipment—we’re delivering your reputation.

The challenges involved in shipping advanced medical technology can be nearly as complex as the equipment itself. With hundreds of deliveries for industry leaders like Philips and Fuji, we have the experience and resources necessary to ensure proper handling and on-time service—every time. Hansen Bros. and Allied are more than a specialized carrier. We’re a strategic partner. With conveniences like automated order entry, electronic invoicing, and proof of delivery, our services integrate easily with our clients’ processes. We work closely with them to learn the unique procedures their products require, and design solutions to provide proper handling at every step. And our delivery teams are trained in the protocols of medical facilities, so they know how to facilitate installation and set-up.

But careful handling is only part of what we provide. We know every day counts when patients are waiting for treatment or technicians are waiting for equipment. So we’ve built the industry’s most reliable nationwide special-products transit network, allowing us to provide consistent, on-time service to even the most remote destinations. When there’s zero tolerance for delay, Hansen Bros. and Allied deliver. Extraordinarily careful handling. Reliable on-time delivery. Professional, courteous service for your customers. Hansen Bros. and Allied are the first choice for your medical equipment shipping needs.

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John M., Mike R., and Stephen were exceptional: friendly, skillful, thoughtful, and fast. Highly recommended! Alan F., 3/5/2020

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