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    You can only imagine how many residents who decided to move have questions about their relocation. Every household is different and with that, every relocation has to be, too. But, to professionals, every relocation is pretty much the same as they know how to handle every single moving obstacle there is. What’s good is that having questions about moving is completely normal and it goes on to show that you care about your inventory and the entire process. Professional moving companies give the best answers, that you can rely on and proceed to make a plan for your move. So, to be by your side and help you while moving here are some of the frequent questions and the most accurate answers!

    1. Who will answer questions about moving the best?

    Let’s begin by saying that movers are those who have the most experience when it comes to this process. Best movers Seattle will handle them like professionals and provide an answer that is accurate and simple. They understand how stressful relocation can be, so they will give their best to make you understand everything. Once you go to licensed movers expect their answer to have more details and even provide a couple of useful tips along the way. You would be surprised to know what kind of questions movers come across so don’t worry, yours is probably pretty normal and quite expected. It is good to know that if their answer doesn’t get along with your idea, give it another thought as professional movers are probably right. After all, they have enough experience to claim so. 

    A mover carrying a sofa can answer questions about moving
    Movers expect questions about moving, so feel free to ask them

    2. Why should l hire movers?

    The next on the list of the most frequent questions about moving is this one. People are usually in dilemma do they need movers or not. Most of the time it turns out that movers are crucial for a successful relocation, for many reasons. Distance and time play a huge role and shouldn’t be ignored no matter what. Even local movers Seattle should be considered even though the distance is below 100 miles. Before you decide to move on your own make sure to know that a lot of risks will be involved. You will have to deal with inventory on your own and make sure everything turns out right. When hiring movers, you immediately get more time for other tasks and preparing your new home or office. And most importantly, hiring movers is more affordable than doing it on your own. You may have smaller expenses but there will be a lot of them.

    3. How will movers calculate my relocation cost?

    Of course, you need to know how much your relocation will cost in the end. Scheduling it without checking the price could be a mistake as you must organize your budget for other things as well. Professional movers usually have their own ways of calculating the price but there are some general rules that the majority of them follow. The distance, weight, and inventory must be included in the price, just like the secondary services as well. So, what they will do is ask you some basic questions to gather the information they need for forming the final price. Yes, questions about moving to go both ways and you should be ready for some as well. Longer distance doesn’t always mean a bigger price as movers must consider other factors as well.

    two girls throwing moving boxes to each other
    The more information you get the easier you will deal with this process

    4. When to call movers?

    In terms of letting them know you are ready to use their services, you should hire movers as soon as you make a final decision to move. While you discuss this with your family members or yourself, keep in mind that as soon as you made up your mind, you should call them. This is mainly due to finding the most suitable date for your relocation, which is not always easy. Cross country movers Seattle usually have dozens of requests and each one of the clients needs a particular date and time. This is even more important during big holidays and seasons when people are moving temporarily or permanently. So, as soon as you decide that the time has come to move, you should call your moving company and set the date.

    5. What should l do before the movers arrive?

    Even when hiring movers you will still have some work to do. Of course, every single task will be easy and limited by only preparations. Apart from preparing questions about moving before they arrive, you should prepare your household or office as well. Start by putting your kids in another room or taking them to the park for some time. Mover will do hard work and it is much better and safer if your kids are not there. The last thing you need is someone getting hurt on such an exciting day. Then proceed to prepare your inventory by washing and cleaning your items so that everything is ready for setting up at the new place. Also, make sure that you or some other family member sticks around when movers arrive as they will need someone to be there.

    child playing with clay
    Make sure your kids are not there when movers arrive for their own safety

    6. Can l help movers?

    Movers will not forbid you to touch and move your inventory of course. But the fact they are doing it should release you from all that hard work. There are some other things you can do to help them and those are much easier. For example, you can let them know on time does your building have an elevator and where is the staff entrance. This will help them save a lot of time as movers are not familiar with every building in your city or town. Also, you can move some of the boxes yourself so that the entire process is much faster. If you are moving your office, you can ask your employees to participate as well. Movers will be extremely grateful and teamwork will provide excellent results. Commercial movers Seattle will make sure your business is transported on short notice so that you can continue providing your services.

    7. How to pack quickly?

    Questions about moving always include the packing process. As one of the most time-consuming things during your relocation, you are worried about it for a reason. Luckily, with just a couple of advice and some useful tips, you will go through this process like a real professional. You will need moving boxes Seattle as using regular bags or other old items is too risky. Don’t forget to get yourself other materials including wrapping paper or bubble wrap, tape, and markers for labeling. And if you wish to do it quickly, use the one-room-at-a-time method. What you need to do is pack everything from a single room and then proceed to the next one. This will save you a lot of time and your home or office won’t be messy You can also get rid of items you no longer need as they will only take up your space in vain. Be smart and economical about it and packing will turn out great. 

    storage fascilities
    Ask movers about storage units

    8. My items can’t fit in the new place, what should l do?

    Some of us will not have a chance to inspect our new home before moving in. A lot of people are in a hurry and will decide to take the place by just looking at a couple of photos. This is where you can encounter the issue of space that is not so easy to resolve. But, before you start panicking there is a solution that could help you out. Storage Seattle is a great way for gaining extra space for a certain period. When you see that some of your items can’t fit there is no need to immediately throw them away or sell them. Consider using storage until you come up with another solution. You will have more time to think about it and maybe the solution will come by itself. Always keep your cool when moving takes place as sudden and harsh decisions can cause many issues in the future.

    9. How to make last-minute changes without having to pay extra fees?

    Every moving company out there has a different policy and you should get to know it on time. Matters like this one are determined there and your movers will gladly help you get t the bottom of it. When it comes to making sudden changes regarding your relocation, it is best that you don’t make them at all. If you manage to make a good plan, your relocation will unfold the way you wanted. On the other hand, if you start drastically changing things, there must be additional fees. Some of them include changing the location, adding more inventory, or even canceling your move. Each one of these will cause issues for you and your movers so if you can, prevent it from happening at all. Of course, smaller changes will do just fine and movers will even help you make them.

    elderly couple holding hands
    Professional movers will tell you everything about downsizing too

    10. Can movers help me downsize?

    Of course! Movers will gladly help you downsize and your only task will be to enjoy and get ready for a wonderful new chapter of your life. Senior movers Seattle will make sure that everything works out great and that you reach the new location quickly. They will be ready for more questions about moving so go for it. If you are doing it on your own, movers can even help you decide what items to get rid of along the way. Downsizing is all about making a fresh start and having the right people to help you do it. As this is a very specific thing to do, avoid doing it on your own at all costs. Not only you will spend a lot of time doing it, but you can easily get hurt. Instead, have fun getting to know the new area and let the movers do all the hard work for you. If movers recommend using storage you should probably do it. Living in a smaller place but still getting to keep your things is amazing and you should go for it!

    11. What questions about moving are not suitable?

    As you know by now, you can ask your movers pretty much anything regarding your relocation. The majority of them are so friendly that you will talk about other things as well. But, movers will arrive to do their job and mutual respect is essential. Avoid arguing with movers as they will certainly not do it. If you don’t agree with them, there are countless other ways to reach mutual understanding. Try to enjoy this process as much as possible and leave all blue feelings aside. Most of the time people forget how much experience movers actually have. Sometimes even the weirdest thing you have heard will make total sense once you start doing it. Movers know that the safety of you and your items is a number one priority and they will never go beyond that.

    Remember, the city of Seattle is huge and you will have no issues finding a good moving company. If you know someone who recently moved you can ask them for recommending a good moving company. Relying on information first-hand is great and you will know that the moving company is professional and right for you. 

    couple packing
    Begin preparing for your relocation as soon as you decide where to move

    Questions about moving don’t stop here

    The list goes on and on and you can feel free to ask them about anything. Keep in mind that movers are always open for good and healthy communication. As a result, you will end up with a wonderful experience and a successful relocation. To make things easier you can even make a list of questions about moving and keep it close to you. Once the movers arrive feel free to go through everything with them. They will probably have some questions for you as well regarding your household and your items.

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