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Guide to packing mirrors when moving

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    Packing for a move is always a challenge. You have to gather the supplies, wrap, and protect every individual thing, and make sure all boxes are sealed. There’s just a lot to keep in mind. But it all becomes so much more difficult when you’re packing fragile and easily breakable things like mirrors. This is why china, glassware, art, and mirrors are among the most difficult things to pack and move, especially when you’re moving long distance. Sometimes, these things end up damaged even when you have the help of the best moving companies Seattle offers because no one can predict or guarantee anything when it comes to moving. But properly packing mirrors when moving will minimize the chances of something happening to them during transport.

    Why are the right techniques for packing mirrors when moving important to know?

    One of your big concerns when moving will probably be how to get your belongings safely from your old home to the new one. Hiring one of the best shipping companies Seattle has for your relocation will certainly help. But even with the help of professionals, unpredictable things can happen. So your best bet is to be prepared for the worst. This means packing your belongings properly so they have a layer of protection even if something goes wrong.

    Broken mirror - a consequence of not packing mirrors when moving properly.
    If you don’t pack fragile items properly, they’ll break.

    This is especially important when it comes to protecting fragile things and packing mirrors for moving. Not only are they significantly easier to damage than most other items but mirrors can be dangerous when broken. Sharp pieces of glass spilling out of moving boxes is a nightmare for you and your movers. Your other belongings can be scratched and more importantly, someone could end up injured. So packing your mirrors in a way that minimizes the chances of this happening is very important.

    Consider all of the other options

    Since relocating mirrors is just so dangerous, you should definitely consider using a storage unit instead. That way, there is more potential for damage than if you’re transporting your mirror traditionally. Of course, renting a storage unit for a mirror is not quite reasonable. However, if you have a lot of fragile items that you’re worried about, then you can put them all together.

    In addition, you can always ask for more creative storage solutions that make things easier for yourself. Get in touch with self storage Seattle residents rely on. You can put your mirrors in a container and let the professionals transport them out of your sight and mind. You can get around to transporting your mirrors once you’ve settled into your new home.

    5 steps to packing mirrors when moving

    Whether you are moving your mirrors into a new home or into one of our storage units Lynnwood, they will need to be transported there. And any time you’re transporting mirrors, you should pack them in a way that protects them from damage. Here’s how to do that safely and efficiently.

    a couple that is packing mirrors when moving
    Securing mirrors for moving is a challenge but you can always take a breather and try to think of a creative solution.

    Step 1: Prepare your supplies

    The first step to packing mirrors for a relocation is preparing all the packing supplies you will need. For every mirror you’re packing, you’ll need to prepare:

    • a mirror box.
    • some thick cardboard.
    • packing paper and bubble pack.
    • moving blankets.
    • packing and masking tape.
    • a permanent marker.

    You can get these from your movers or look for them in hardware stores and online. Collect all your supplies before you start packing your mirrors. Set them up in a designated packing area, somewhere you can comfortably put everything you need including the mirrors (keep the size of your largest mirror in mind when deciding on where you’re going to be packing it).

    Finally, you’ll need to prepare the mirror box before using it. Mirror boxes are highly customizable and consist of four separate pieces of cardboard that you can interlock into a variety of sizes. Put the pieces together into two halves of a box, each consisting of two cardboard parts.

    Order only top-quality moving supplies if you want your move to be a success

    You should make sure to get moving supplies that are of good quality. It may seem more reasonable to get the cheapest ones available. You could end up saving some money if you do that. However, you’d be risking the safety of your mirrors that way. You need supplies that are fully functional. Moves can get pretty hectic and even the most dedicated movers make mistakes and drop boxes. Therefore, getting boxes that are durable and reliable is in your best interest.

    Person looking at themselves in the mirror.
    Take every precaution to ensure that your mirror is moved safely.

    If you spend a bit more on top-quality moving supplies, then your mind will be at ease once the moving commotion begins. Visit the stores or contact moving companies to order moving boxes Seattle residents usually buy. Make the point to yourself on ordering them well ahead of time. They need to arrive before the moving day so that you have enough time to pack everything carefully.

    Step 2: Tape an X over the mirror surface

    Before wrapping and boxing the mirror, use masking tape to create an X or grid pattern on the surface. A top-to-bottom and a left-to-right cross are not enough; tape from one corner to the opposite to create an X or do several vertical and horizontal lines of tape to make a grid for larger mirrors. Not only will this lower the chances of the mirror breaking but it’ll also keep broken pieces in place on the off chance that something does go wrong.

    Step 3: Wrap the mirror

    Before you put the mirror in the box, you still need to wrap it. Put it on a large piece of packing paper which you will then wrap around it and secure with tape. Then do the same with bubble wrap. For additional protection, you can tape a large piece of cardboard to one or both sides of the item while packing mirrors when moving.

    Step 4: Put the mirror in the box

    Finally, it’s time to box the wrapped mirror. Slide your bundled-up mirror into one half of the box and adjust its size if necessary. Then, add the second part of the box and interlock the parts to complete the box. You may need to use additional padding and cushioning in case the box is still too big. Bubble wrap or packing paper is the best when packing mirrors. You should avoid packing peanuts in this case as they move around too much and will expose parts of the mirror in transit. Finally, secure the box closed with tape.

    Put soft items around your mirrors inside the moving box

    An additional step you can take is to fill the moving box with crumpled paper. There are also padded cartons you can use in order to protect your mirror. Use your creativity and find solutions no one ever thinks of. If you’re short on schedule, you can use soft items, like stuffed toys or socks instead of paper. It’s just important to have something between the surface of the mirror and the cardboard moving box, which will hardly protect it from anything.

    Person writing "fragile" on a box.
    Clearly mark the box as fragile while packing mirrors when moving.

    Filling the box with something after you’ve placed a mirror in it also reduces wasting space in a moving box. You’re killing two flies with two stones. No two moves are alike, and you know your own belongings better than us. Therefore, you can easily come up with more ways to make your relocation more practical, cheaper, and overall easier. Think outside of the box!

    Step 5: Label the box

    Before you pat yourself on the back and call your mission a success, check that everything is in order by lightly shaking the box. If nothing is moving around in it, secure it with enough tape to ensure it won’t open by accident. Finally, you must keep in mind that you’re not the only one who’s going to be handling the box. And while you may know what’s inside, others won’t.

    So you have to warn them that this box needs to be handled with care. Use a dark marker or other forms of labeling to write FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE (or both) on the outside of the box. Make sure the lettering is large and legible.

    When you’re done with packing mirrors when moving, keep your moving boxes in order

    Movers handle all sorts of moving boxes during relocations. This is especially true when you’re relocating across long distances. The further you have to go, the more items you’re transporting probably. Therefore, one of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is to try to keep your moving boxes as organized as possible. If your belongings are in chaos, it won’t be hard for them to get lost or damaged.

    Relocation is a difficult and tiresome process. You should try to make things easier on both yourself and your movers. The very least you can do is label all of your moving boxes. If you’re still worried about transporting something as fragile as a mirror, then you can look for additional solutions. You can always put your mirror in Newcastle storage and then transport it separately at the later date. That way, you’re saving yourself from stress.

    If you have a lot of mirrors, then putting them all in storage is the best idea.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry

    If you’re transporting mirrors, your long distance movers Seattle recommended will pay extra attention to the boxes containing fragile items. You’ll see that they won’t put these boxes at the bottom of the moving truck and will be mindful of the bumps on the road. Of course, sometimes things can’t be helped. After all, even the best movers can run into problems and your belongings might just as well get damaged, even during the simpler relocations.

    Therefore, one of the smartest things you can do is to get moving insurance ahead of time. If you insure your belongings, you can put your worries to rest. That way, even if they do get damaged during the move, you’ll have something to fall back on. Maybe you won’t be able to buy the same mirror as the one that got damaged, but at least you’ll get your money back.

    You can use the techniques for packing mirrors when moving for other things too

    If you’re into antique collecting or selling, you might have other things similar to mirrors that you need to pack. Knowing the right ways for packing mirrors when moving can, therefore, be useful for other items too. You can use this same technique for framed paintings or photographs, for example. If you have furniture pieces with mirrors, some of these tips will come in handy. And any other glass panels can be packed in similar ways. So keep these steps in mind when packing for a move even if you don’t have a lot of mirrors!

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